Securitas is a Swedish security company that operates worldwide. They offer a range of protective services including on-site security guards, alarms and remote monitoring. To maintain their competitive advantage, Securitas looks to continuously develop their offering. They aim to use new technologies in innovative ways to ensure they meet customer demands at competitive prices.

In 2012, Securitas looked to create a new, cost-effective security system for homeowners and small businesses. You could already install devices like cameras and door sensors in your home DIY, but there was no way of monitoring your property whilst you were away. If an alarm went off, you had to hope that your neighbours would answer it. So, Securitas approached Intamac to engineer an easy-to-use IoT system for this key customer need.

The opportunity

What’s the best way to keep your home secure in the 21st century? If you have the money, you might hire a guard. Or you could professionally hardwire your home. But now, with the advent of IoT, you can cost-effectively monitor your home remotely using mobile applications.

The idea is simple. First, you buy the most appropriate security devices for your home. This could be a motion sensor with an inbuilt camera and/or smoke & flood detectors. Once these are connected to the internet, you can start monitoring your home on your mobile. Perhaps you want to view videos taken on the camera when an alarm activates. Or you’d like to check if someone is at home to accept a delivery. All the information is there and could be personalised.

In addition to this brief, it was important that those who used this DIY product could easily upgrade to have their homes professionally monitored by Securitas.

Intamac is the perfect partner for this task. We already have a platform that can connect disparate devices and make intelligent decisions from their aggregated data. We set to the complex task.

The solution

A new gateway had to be built that connected the devices to the cloud so the customer could view and monitor their home remotely. Next, we developed applications tailored to the needs of Securitas’ new customer segment. For example, if a motion detector activated whilst a homeowner was out, they could automate the system to turn on the light and receive a video clip. There were other helpful event notifications too – a user could add family and friends to their account and be notified about who accessed their home whilst they were away. They could easily detect when there was unauthorised access and if family or friends were home.

It was important to minimise false positives. A user shouldn’t be notified if there is nothing to worry about. So, we designed the registration process to test the system as it was installed. This is very innovative for a DIY product and cemented the reliability of the product.

Finally, it must be easy for a homeowner to upgrade to Securitas’ professional monitoring service. So, Itamac’s IoT platform was integrated with Securitas’ alarm centres to send key information, so they can provide the best professional service whilst maintaining privacy for their users.

The impact

This new connected product cemented Securitas as the leaders in their field. It also targeted a new customer segment given this security solution was self install and less complex than existing wired solutions. They developed a strong customer base who continue to use the first-generation product. In 2018, the devices were still selling out after campaigns by the Securitas marketing team.

We delivered on the brief to ensure the mobile applications were intuitive and easy to use. Our own analysis shows that the popularity of connected products is because of when and how the information is presented to the users. This provides them with convenience, peace of mind, and the ability to take action on the security of their home if required.

Vamshi Lingampally, Chief Commercial Officer at Intamac says: “We’re now using this experience to help other businesses develop innovative applications for the safety and security of their customers, be it commercial or residential. We’re delighted that this solution paved the way for creating new revenue opportunities and is popular with Securitas’ customers.”