An IoT cloud platform to grow your business

Connect and manage existing and new products with the Intamac IoT platform, designed to seamlessly integrate disparate devices. We specialise in tailored end-to-end solutions that make it easy for you to bring connected products and solutions to market.
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Making connected solutions easy for you

We remove the complexity of retrofitting existing products or developing new connected products. We fast track your IoT development so you can deliver an integrated and frictionless experience for your business and customers.

A platform that evolves with your business

Whatever your use case our flexible and modular enterprise grade platform gives you the tools for an evolving connected market. Scale your smart solutions and build bespoke applications. Add new features iteratively to continuously evolve your connected solutions.

Helping you use data more intelligently

We take real time data collected from your smart devices, analyse it and provide detailed insights about your customers and how your products are performing. Access and integrate device data with your own data sources to transform everyday processes, optimise business models and refine customer experiences.

Partner with the pioneers of IoT platform technology

We were one of the first companies to introduce an IoT platform that delivered smart device connectivity, offering new and improved brand experiences. Since 2001, we’ve been working with leading global brands to develop connected products and enhance customer experiences. We continuously innovate and our platform evolution is underpinned by learnings from our extensive experience.

Making things intelligent

Intamac is a cloud platform innovator enabling limitless connectivity to the Internet. We help OEM's & Service Providers evolve their business models, service offerings and customer engagement with our pioneering IoT platform.

We help you build value and evolve your business model

Digitise products

We simply and securely connect your devices so you can gain insights about how your products are performing. Access historical or real-time data to train AI or create new data products.

Develop new services

Our white-label solutions help you to optimise your product’s performance, improve service by fixing issues before they arise, adding new service features over the air and creating new service offerings.

Enable new experiences

We work with you to develop novel experiences and make it easy to access product features and data for valuable business and consumer applications. Our IoT end-end software solution helps drive innovation and intelligent enterprise landscapes.

Know your customers

Access unified data from disparate devices and integrate with other data sources to help better understand customer needs and product performance. Build capabilities to continuously improve your products and services.

Innovate and differentiate

Turn your devices, new and existing, into intelligent assets by integrating with sensors and enabling intelligence at the device. Collaborate sets of things to design automation and interactions between sensors, products, systems, people and processes.

Industry leading approach borne from experience

Proven track record

We’ve successfully launched 15 commercial deployments and connected over 500,000 "things" over more than 18 years of operation.

Speed to market

We’ve developed an end-to-end IoT solution so that you don’t have to. Partner with Intamac for faster execution and benefit from our experience.

Future Proof

Our ensoCloud™ modular platform integrates seamlessly with other applications and data sources, enabling you to add new functionality.

Secure Technology

Using the highest levels of encryption we deliver end to end security and with 99.99% uptime over 3.5 bn device hours - with Intamac you're in safe hands.

Successful partnerships with leading global brands

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