IoT solutions need to be tailored for each specific industry use case to be valuable which is why Intamac’s cloud based IoT platform provides the foundation to solve problems for businesses across multiple industries and use cases. We focus on solving specific industry problems in remote monitoring & management, asset tracking, safety, security, and water & energy management. Our experience and expertise in these areas makes these applications truly useful.

Device Management & Remote Monitoring

Our white-label device management solution ensures optimal performance and improves service reliability by delivering real time access to the status of your devices. Remote upgrades
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Asset Tracking & Reporting

Get an in-depth understanding of where, how and who is using your products. Access integrated asset information, maps, environment and sensor data to locate your assets with
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Smart Assurance – Safety & Security Solutions

Intamac’s cost effective and flexible solutions cover safety, surveillance, access control and monitoring needs for both commercial and residential use cases. We can integrate
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Smart Automation & Intelligent Messaging

Develop connected products and solutions by IoT enabling single or multiple devices for industrial and home applications. We collaborate with you and our hardware partners to develop
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Energy and Water Management Solutions

Develop applications to optimize usage, operations, and supply and demand by combining data from meters, wide range of sensors, operational systems and environment data. Use
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Other Applications

From renewable products such as heat pumps to solar water pumps to logistics to waste management, Intamac’s platform provides the core capabilities to develop tailored applications
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Key features of our technology

Distributed Intelligence

This unique approach means that the intelligence in your IoT solution lies where it is best suited, whether in the cloud, gateway or device. Not every solution requires the same approach in order to reach the best outcome. ensoAgent™ is uniquely adaptable to ensure the best proposition.

Open and Interoperable

Uniquely open and flexible, we have a suite of software and technology modules that deliver the entire lifecycle of your IoT deployment. An existing API library enables us to integrate virtually any product, the result is a broad, integrated and seamless experience for your end-users.

Flexible & Modular Structure

With our uniquely flexible, modular turnkey deployment model, you can choose to outsource your entire IoT solution to us, or you can select solutions from our service menu where you do not have existing capabilities. Our solutions include full technical and professional services support.

Agnostic & Portable

We are silicon, OS and RF protocol agnostic, utilising an extensive API library enabling developers to integrate almost any product, regardless of manufacturer or RF protocol. The ensoAgen™ embedded software is also low profile making it effective in a broad range of environments.

Highly Configurable

Depending on your product and customer needs, you have total control to configure and
categorise device data. Easily define data rules, controls, thresholds and priorities for event at both device and account level. Our intelligent messaging system offers you flexibility not only of delivery method, but also to define controls and message contact groups.

SaaS Offering

We offer flexible and cost effective ways to deploy IoT solutions. Depending on your
business needs you can take advantage of our highly available multi-tenanted offering or
have your own solution fully operated and managed by us. We have services available in
Europe, North America and APAC.

Our complete end-end solution

Edge Computing Software

ensoAgent™ that is deployed on devices to offer seamless connection to the Intamac Cloud platform.

ensoCloud™ Platform

Connect devices at scale, analyse data and apply the intelligence to create value added services.

Provisioning Service

Securely connect to Intamac Service without the need of factory-provisioned equipment.

Customer and Account Management

Easily on-board customers and manage rules at account level.

Rest APIs

ensoAPI™ is our extensible API services to build end consumer and business applications.

Enterprise Integration

ensoEnterprise™ to integrate with internal and external IT/OT systems.

Intelligent Alerts

Based on advance analytics, our service can be configured to control other devices or message contacts.

Communications Service

Highly configurable service to define who can receive messages from the platform.

Device Management Service

White-label solution for remote monitoring and device management.

Event History Store

Configurable data storage solution for training AI or short term history storage for ad hoc retrieval.

Supporting collaboration

Reference Designs

Intamac's reference designs for a Flexible Smart Gateway(FSG) and a Smart Wi-Fi Node (SWN) are available for manufacture under licence and can help fast track your IoT development. Both reference designs use latest chipsets from Texas Instruments and can run Intamac's ensoAgent™ embedded IoT software client. Full support and design customization assistance including through product certification and manufacture can also be provided.

API Libraries

Our API library enables the rapid integration and deployment of new products and services. We can integrate new products onto the ensoCloud™ platform in a matter of days and completely new propositions can launch within a few months. The API library makes it possible for developers to create their own services, and also makes it possible to aggregate information from 3rd party specialist sources.

Technology Partners

In order to provide the most technologically advanced solutions, we have a broad range of technology partners that we collaborate with, all of which contribute towards creating the highest quality solutions available. Current partners include silicon/chipset vendors, integrated SaaS providers, specialist software, electronics design, and hosting and infrastructure companies.

Our technology partners

Intamac works with a numbers of leading partners to provide a broad range of feature rich and innovative solutions utilising our connected home platform.