Swann is a global leader in security-centric solutions for smart homes and businesses. They pioneered the category of DIY security and are the market-forerunner in cameras and monitoring systems. They ship 400,000 units a year.

In October 2014, Swann launched an innovation project to create a fully connected home. They wanted to give their customers one application to control and monitor their premises. This was a complex project and they needed a partner with experience to ensure success. Swann chose to work with Intamac.

The opportunity

Swann already had a series of proprietary security cameras that end-users could be review when they got home via DVRs. Finding a solution for their customers to monitor video remotely was critical to maintaining leadership in smart security. They knew that advances in IoT technologies could provide the answer, but they didn’t have the in-house capability to deliver on the project.

Not only did Swann want a security solution, but they wanted to provide a connected solution for the whole home. This meant that they wanted to connect many devices to a single system, so a user could set home automation across multiple devices. Let’s say a security camera detects your car pulling up the drive, the system could be set to open the garage door, and then increase the temperature in the house.

Driving this innovation was the desire to create revenues streams and also test what works with their customers. Launching a broader connected security and home product offering would give them data to understand where to prioritise new research & development.

Consequently, speed-to-market was a key requirement. Working with a partner that had experience in this area was important to reduce their risk. Given the complexity and timescale of the project, Swann chose to work with Intamac. We’ve got proven track record in this area, and a platform which is scalable, secure and can develop applications for a connected home.

The solution

We started this project by building a gateway to connect Swann’s proprietary technology to the cloud. Using our platform, we designed mobile and internet-based applications for the end-user to control and automate their devices.

The brief was to build a system for the whole connected home. So, we looked to link this gateway to other devices built by partners like Phillips, Chamberlain, Quickset, Zen and Nest. This meant that the homeowner could see all of these devices on one application and gave them the option to use many different providers for their connected solution. This was a large technical challenge, and we have proven experience bringing a number of different devices together under one roof.

Swann wanted the capacity for this to scale up to a million homes. We made a strategic decision to develop our platform on the AWS solution. Today, we can work with any partner with a large volume of devices.

The impact

Swann was ambitious. They wanted to be the one-stop shop for a fully connected home. The resultant product was an excellent fit for market in many areas, and a source of inspiration in others. This meant we delivered on their innovation brief.

The security solution enabled them to create a new product for their consumers. End-users could choose a package where they just saw video in real-time, or they could subscribe to have their video data stored for 7 days, or 14 days. This is part of their security proposition. Meanwhile, we continue to build their proposition for the connected home in ways that fit the market need

Vamshi Lingampally, Chief Commercial Officer at Intamac says: “we’ve proven that our platform is reliable and secure even with heavy loads of up to millions of devices. It’s given us the confidence to go to market and say that we can deliver on the IoT promise. It’s a very exciting proposition for the market.”